Everyone Has a Story. This is a Journal of Mine.

Thanks for stopping by! Whether you are a friend, family member, current client, or just curious, I appreciate you taking the time to take a look at some of the cool things going on in my life.

This site is a showcase of my current work and a log of the new things I’m learning every day. You can also check out some of my recent travels and see some pictures of the cool places I’ve been lately.

Life is a journey. This site is a window into mine.

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The Latest From My Blog:

Citizen Meritocracy: The Government of the Future

Once while I was in college, I was assigned to group in class and told that we should complete an important class project as a team. If you know anything about group projects, you probably know that they suck. There is always that one slacker who rides the coattails of everyone else in the group, and then coasts in with the [...]

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