I made some Magic Mirrors!

So a while back, I saw a really cool project that I had always wanted to try on Reddit. It involved getting a two way mirror and making a “magic mirror”, a sort of heads-up display inside a mirror that you use everyday that displays the time, weather, your to-do list for that day, stocks, news, etc. It seemed like …

emusteveI made some Magic Mirrors!

My $20,000 Patio Floor

So DIY projects are kindof my thing. Sometimes, I tend to bite off a little too much. For example, I present exhibit A, our new patio floor, 13 months in the making.    

emusteveMy $20,000 Patio Floor


One of the watershed moments in my life was when I finally got fed up with relationship after relationship going down in flames. Every time one would end, I would resolve to try harder and do better the next time, invariably with the same result. Eventually, I got brave (and desperate) enough to venture into a counselors office to find …


Getting Serious About Being Lazy

I got a lot of positive response when I posted my method for purchasing a new car, which is long on legwork but short on actually spending money. I was really happy that a lot of people seemed to benefit from that, mostly because I had to figure out that process on my own through a lot of trial and …

emusteveGetting Serious About Being Lazy


In 2002, I was working with a Fraternity at USF at Ray Jay stadium, manning a booth trying to raise funds for something or other (can’t remember what, exactly). The Buc’s were playing the 49ers I believe, and apparently it was a really big deal. Divisional Playoffs or something. To be honest, I don’t remember that much about the game… …


How to Buy a Car, and then Laugh at the Car Salesman

In 2007, I walked into the lot of Brandon Honda looking for a price on a used Honda S2000. I was in love with the car, and the salesperson who saw me walk onto the lot must have sensed it. “Great car! We can get you into a used one with about 60,000 miles for around $20,000” he said cheerfully. …

emusteveHow to Buy a Car, and then Laugh at the Car Salesman

Citizen Meritocracy: The Government of the Future

Once while I was in college, I was assigned to group in class and told that we should complete an important class project as a team. If you know anything about group projects, you probably know that they suck. There is always that one slacker who rides the coattails of everyone else in the group, and then coasts in with …

emusteveCitizen Meritocracy: The Government of the Future

Why “Home Affordability” Calculators Are An Absolute Joke

This morning, I was browsing the web and saw a link to CNN’s “Home Affordability Calculator”, which they tout as a tool to allow you to see how much home you could comfortably afford based on your income. Their methodology for the numbers they provide you is advertised as the following: “To arrive at an “affordable” home price, we followed …

emusteveWhy “Home Affordability” Calculators Are An Absolute Joke

What is “Freedom” Really?

Recently we celebrated the anniversary of our nation’s freedom. On July 4th, 1776, our nation was established with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which began with the following words that still sound awesome more than 200 years later: “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have …

emusteveWhat is “Freedom” Really?

Spending Your Life Away… On Purpose

I can divide my life into two sections. “BB” and “AB”: Before Budget and After Budget. I remember what I was a Freshman in college, walking post Cooper Hall on the USF campus and hearing a credit card vendor shouting at nearby students. “Dude, dude, come over here!” he waved, and I walked over. “Want a free USF t-shirt bro?” …

emusteveSpending Your Life Away… On Purpose