I made some Magic Mirrors!

So a while back, I saw a really cool project that I had always wanted to try on Reddit. It involved getting a two way mirror and making a “magic mirror”, a sort of heads-up display inside a mirror that you use everyday that displays the time, weather, your to-do list for that day, stocks, news, etc. It seemed like a simple enough project, so I started doing some research. At first, I had planned to set up my Raspberry Pi with a custom solution, but then I found something much easier… someone had already made a simple Android app with a really easy to use UI. All I needed was a cheap tablet and I was in business. Crazy easy!

I wanted to make two custom mirrors for our master bathroom renovation project, so I needed the following:

  • Some cheap glass (got mine at Ace Hardware, $40 for 2 54×24 sheets)
  • Two cheap tablets (found 2 used Nexus 7 Tablets on Craigslist, $80)
  • The pre-designed app (The one I used is here)
  • Some plywood and cheap 1×4’s from Lowes ($30)
  • Two way mirror film ($20)
  • Some black felt fabric from Wal Mart ($7)
  • Some velcro tape ($3)
  • Invisible mirror clips ($5)

All together, materials for two mirrors cost about $185, or $92.50 per mirror.

The first thing I did was get a buddy’s help to put the two way film on the glass sheets. Then I left them in the sun for a day or two to make sure the film adhered to the glass.


Once the film was done, I started making the plywood backing.


This was crazy easy. Literally cutting the plywood a bit shorter than the magic mirror, and then making a slot slightly larger than the tablet for the screen to fit in.



From there, I used my trusty nail gun to put everything together, and then attached the black felt to the plywood.


Once you set up the app, you are good to go. Thanks to ¬†for creating the app and making it so easy to use. It saved me a lot of time fooling with my Raspberry Pi and an old monitor. Just get an API key from weather.io, connect the tablet to your house wifi, add any people’s birthdays you want to remember or stocks you want to track in real time (it can also import your to-do list for the day from your Google Calendar), and use the velcro tape to secure the tablet in the slot you made. Voila!


After that, it was just a matter of using some invisible mirror clips to attach the two way glass to the finished mount, and then attaching the magic mirror to the wall.




And yes, we ran electrical under the cabinets just for this project. =)

I’m planning on using Travertine ledge stone on that wall that the mirror will hang on, which will hide the power cable and also make the mirror pop from the wall. All in all, I am pretty pumped with the way this project turned out!

Thanks for checking it out. Stay tuned for the bathroom renovation and how that turns out!

emusteveI made some Magic Mirrors!